About AC Security

We are a SAIDSA and Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority registered service provider. We believe that good relationships are a vital part of our business. Every stakeholder – both external and internal – have a crucial role to play in the full functioning of AC Security; therefore we associate ourselves with the best management, employees, service providers and suppliers in order to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.

AC Security boasts with a successful, integrated physical guarding operation with efficient technology and skills, enabling clients to choose from a combination of flexible options to meet their individual needs. By deploying the most cutting-edge approaches from personal and asset protection to forensic investigation, we strive to be a leading security service provider, ensuring high-quality service delivery, customer satisfaction and added value for our clients and shareholders.

Our approach and business structure allows for fast decision-making and a smooth and instant transition between products and services. In recent years the need arose for a truly holistic service provider, and while other companies have found it close to impossible to make the transition while maintaining service levels – eventually stagnating or returning to their previous core business – AC Security has managed to step up to the challenge and exceed expectations.


AC Security

AC Security was founded in 1983 by its present owner and shareholder, Albert Conrad Kilian. It is one of the leading security service providers in the Boland area, extending to communities throughout the Western and Northern Cape. Read More


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