Keep you and your home safe with these tips

Keep you and your home safe with these tips

It is a sad fact that burglaries and murders from burglaries happen every minute of every day in South Africa. Your home is your castle, your domain and piece of your own kingdom and being safe inside your home is a right for every South African. Even though an alarm system inside your home is a great way to keep your home and movables safe, you can never be too careful to have a safe and secure home.

There are quite a few tips and ways to secure your home against burglars, while ensuring that you don’t fall victim to the murder statistics of South Africa. Burglars tend to scope rich neighbourhoods as they contain more valuables than your lower income neighbourhoods. Let’s take a look at a few factors on how to keep your home secure and safe.

Make your home less attractive for burglars

All of us loves a lush and well looked after garden around our house. With privacy being the main factor, we tend to grow plants and trees to hide our home from the outside. This can be an invite for burglars. Keep your garden tidy and cut the brushes in front of your doors, windows and driveway. This way you decrease the risk of a burglar hiding in the bushes. In areas where your garden is lush and dark, install some solar lights. This way you dark spots in your garden is always well lit.

Make sure your home is well lit on the outside. Installing solar and motion sensor lights are a great way to fend of unwanted guests. Motion sensor lights is a great way to make certain than intruders are deterred, not to speak of a well-lit driveway when you arrive home late at night.

If you are animal lover, having a dog is also a great way to deter any unwanted guests. Having a “Beware of the Dog” sign on your front gate will make your home less attractive to burglars. Scooping up after the dogs is a small price to pay for your family’s safety. It is also advisable to teach your dog not to eat food from strangers, as burglars tend to put poison in a piece of meat to make sure that your dogs won’t ruin their chances of accessing your property.

Make sure that you never advertise that you are away. There are quite a few signs that will tell potential burglars that you are not at home. Make sure that someone or your neighbour collects your posts from your post box so as to look that somebody is home. Make use of timers on lights inside and outside of your home. Leaving your wife’s car outside, but safe from intruders, will also show that somebody is home. You can always ask your neighbour to drive with your extra car every second day as to give the idea that someone is at home.

Security Systems from AC Security

AC Security offers great and modern security products that you can install in your home.

Installing a security system from AC Security in your home, you are a few steps closer to being safe. When you contact AC Security to install a security system, a well-trained and professional technician will walk through your home, evaluate and recommend the best security system for your home. This way you can rest assured that you home is well protected.

Having outside beams is definitely a great security measure. These perimeter protection products can be installed in closer to the edge of your property. Whenever an intruder breaks the connection between the two infrared eyes, your alarm system will immediately alarm you as well as AC Security. Rapid armed response personnel will be at your home within a minute or two.

Now it is even possible and affordable to install CCTV cameras on your property. With AC Security’s CCTV technology, you are able to logon via your smart phone or tablet and look around your property when you are not home. Recording devices makes it also easier for policy to identify the intruder, if in the unfortunate event that you were robbed.

Testing your security system every month will also insure that your system is working, as it should. Whenever you find that your system is misbehaving, contact AC Security, which will send out a qualified technician to fix your security system.

Meet your neighbours and join a Neighbourhood Watch

Make friends with your neighbours. Offer to watch their house and water their garden and plants when they are away, will enable you to have neighbours to look after your home when you are away. This is also a great way to be notified should any of your neighbours comes aware of any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Watch has become an integral part of safety in South Africa. Belonging to a neighbourhood watch will ensure that your property are looked after while you are sound asleep in your warm bed.

Train your family to be more secure

Start to train your family to close and lock doors as they step into your home. Teach your children never to unlock or remove the safety chain to strangers.

Add panic buttons close to the doors whenever said strangers try to forcefully get access to your home. Easy and accessible panic buttons in areas of your home where you and your family regularly spend time, such as the kitchen, living room and even bedrooms is a great way to alert AC Security whenever a burglar tries to get access to any part of you home.

Make sure that you family can easily get into the car and lock the doors before opening the gate to leave home. The same for when you arrive home.

Install safes in your home to protect your most valuable properties, such as jewellery. Making sure that keys and remotes are locked in a cabinet will also insure that your vehicle and electric gates are secure.

Installing a security gate between the front and back of your home will create extra security in the event that you in intruder is in your home. Make sure that a panic button is installed in the back part of your home. Having a spare cheap cellphone in the back and secure part of you home will ensure that you are able to contact AC Security and the police if you telephone wires have been cut or you have forgotten your cellphone when getting your family to safety.

Following these few safety guidelines will not only keep your property safe, but also will definitely ensure that you don’t become a murder statistic in South Africa. Having a secure home is crucial for your own peace of mind and the future safety of you and your family.

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