The Difference Between Live CCTV And Event CCTV Monitoring

The Difference Between Live CCTV And Event CCTV Monitoring

AC Security is innovating the way in which you use your current security systems by adding value to our services. AC Security now offers CCTV event monitoring.

Our event based CCTV monitoring focus on using your existing alarm and camera infrastructure and the integration of these systems. Event based monitoring is both cost and time effective. We offer scheduled monitoring packages that are flexible enough to accommodate your individual needs.

Currently the services centre around the eradication of false alarms and visually confirming an alarm event. Physical reaction services are under tremendous strain to respond to the large volumes of false alarms under normal circumstances.

The general expectation with constant CCTV monitoring from the control room operators is for them to “see” a criminal by monitoring the cameras live 24/7. It is not practical to expect a controller to effectively pick up suspicious events if cameras are “viewed” live. This expectation is further challenged when the amount of cameras per operator and the operator viewing time per shift increases and focus deteriorates.

On the other hand, there is so much more one can do than simply look at the cameras remotely. Apart from being able to confirm an actual event is taking place, remote control rooms can control an event and steer all support services and effectively control a situation from a location that the criminals can’t interfere with. The control room can also immediately interact when an event is detected.

Remote monitoring as part of a holistic security strategy should be seen as a force multiplier and a supplement to security and not just as a tool to replace guards.

What technology should a remote service provider have to ensure they are able to do their jobs?

Firstly, technology and systems wise the SAIDSA Bylaw 6 is a good starting point for a serious service provider. The bylaw should be seen as the minimum standard and there should be double layers of redundancy built into every system to ensure 24/7 service.

Secondly, it’s widely accepted that the correct way to monitor systems remotely is on a “Back Screen” basis. It’s important to have the right monitoring software that enables you to monitor multiple camera systems and other devices on a single platform with multiple layers of redundancy. To keep response times to the minimum, each site should be individually scripted incorporating the location and function of each individual camera.

What technology recommendation for clients to use for the best remote monitoring results

The best result is gained with a CCTV system that will provide identification via quality images, incorporated into an onsite detection device that generates an alarm trigger over an ADSL line or WIFI connection.

Asking the right questions when considering a service provider:

  • LIVE MONITORING: How many operators per shift (10 or less cameras per operator)
  • LIVE MONITORING: 120 minutes surveillance max per operator, then operators need to swop
  • Operators trained and to be vigilant. What are the operator’s vigilance thresholds? Is it tested?

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