How to secure your home with pets

How to secure your home with pets

AC Security Sales Team is all passionate pet lovers. This means that should you have four-legged friends you will receive advice on how to secure your home while your pets stay inside without alarms going off all the time.

We have different solutions for pet-friendly detectors.

Indoor Detection

The PARADOX DG75 is an indoor passive infrared motion detector that the infrared heat energy that is emitted by humans. Pet immunity function allows it to identify pet up to 40KG and will not falsely trigger the alarm.

Paradox DG75 Pet-friendly Alarm System

Outdoor Detection

The PARADOX DG85 is a pet-friendly 90 degrees & 12 m distance outdoor detector. Extremely reliable and false-alarm free. The DG85 has an impact and temperature resistant casing and UV protected lens. It has also multi-level sensitivity adjustment.

Paradox DG85 Pet-friendly Alarm System

The TAKEX is a pet-friendly 180 or 90 degree & 12 m distance outdoor detector. This sensor is equipped with a DUAL ZONE system which initiates an alarm only when detection occurs in both horizontal and downward zones simultaneously. No alarm signal is output if only one zone is obstructed by small animals, vehicles etc.

TAKEX Pet-friendly Alarm System

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