Win A R500 Gift Basket In Our Security Vulnerability Competition

How good are you at spotting security vulnerabilities?

In many cases houses have many security vulnerabilities. This will lead to unfortunate break-ins and in some cases even hostage situations or murder.

Competition Entry Form

In the photo above there are 5 common security vulnerabilities. It is your job to find those 5 vulnerabilities. Our entry-form below lists 2 vulnerabilities in each option. You must choose the correct one of the two. Each correct answer contributes to 1 point. You can get a maximum of 5 points per entry-form.

Competition Closes: 29 September 2017
Competition Draw: 6 October 2017 – Winners will be announced on Facebook and monthly newsletter

AC Security

AC Security was founded in 1983 by its present owner and shareholder, Albert Conrad Kilian. It is one of the leading security service providers in the Boland area, extending to communities throughout the Western and Northern Cape. Read More


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