A GPS security solution that will help you in times of an emergency

A stand-alone wearable device that does not require a cellphone to send a distress signal when you need it most.

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How will I call for help when there is no phone or alarm?

MyLifeline is a wearable product with a built-in GSM module, the only device you need in any distress situation.

An ideal product to keep your family safe

We all live in a society where security is our greatest risk. MyLifeline from AC Security enables you and your family to be send a distress signal in times of distress or danger. The product can be used in various scenario’s from danger to a flat tyre on the road.

No cellphone or alarm system needed when you wear one of these

When your cellphone gets stolen or your alarm system disabled this device can save your life.

  • Stand-alone security device
  • Panic button on device
  • Easy magnetic charger
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Disconnect Alert (sim removal)
  • Removal Alert (watch only)
  • Geo-Fence Alert

A GPS device with its own built in GSM ability to send signals through GPRS

When you hold the panic button on your device a signal will be sent to your control room with the coordinates of your location (GPS, LBS and WIFI). The operator will then work through a series of screens to ensure your safety and well being.

AC Security

AC Security was founded in 1983 by its present owner and shareholder, Albert Conrad Kilian. It is one of the leading security service providers in the Boland area, extending to communities throughout the Western and Northern Cape. Read More


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